Pad Drills Pro Trainer

Pad Drills Pro Trainer Series is a comprehensive program that combines the benefits of a cardio workout with elements of boxing, Jeet Kune Do and Thai boxing. Originally created as a striking-focused workout, Shawn Zirger has developed the PDPT program into a powerful system for training students from absolute beginners with interest in martial arts or fitness, to certifying instructors to provide this type of training at the very highest standards. From beginner to personal trainer, these exciting and engaging cardio sessions will have you punching, kicking and dodging like a pro!


Looking for a Workout?
Even if all you want is to get in shape and have some fun, this program has what you are looking for. You will get a great workout and you won’t even notice the work, it’s that much fun! Intense and exciting, pad drills keep you moving till you reach your fitness goals.
Your benefits include:

  • Better form & stance
  • Increased stamina and cardio
  • Weight loss
  • Self-Defense techniques and muscle memory
  • Learn a fun partner workout that you can do at home

Become one of the first instructors to become fully certified as a Pad Drill Pro Trainer.


Looking to enhance your striking and Martial Arts skill set?
Interested in Boxing, Muay Thai or Jeet Kune Do? PDPT uses the counts and drills from Western Boxing , the American Thai Boxing Association, curriculum from Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, in addition to the Zirger Academy’s own unique system.
Your benefits include:

  • Increase your striking power and accuracy
  • More variations and drill count feeds
  • How to properly engage your striker
  • Learn a valuable skill that can translate into future income

Become one of the first instructors to become fully certified as a Pad Drill Fight Coach.