We fought well!!! We trained very hard!

Got some catching up to do…here goes.

Since May, there has been a lot going on…hence the catch up.


The Dog Brothers Event

We fought well…

That’s what you say when you are pleased with someones performance in a Dog Brothers fight.  It isn’t about win or lose but what happens, how you handle it.  It’s also about being friends at the end of the day, I made new friends and learned a tonne about myself and about the martial arts.  We had seriously Good times.  The event was held in Hermosa beach!  Of all the places i’ve been down there, I felt the most at home in Hermosa.  Everything is walking distance and parkland and ocean.

This event was a turning point for me, I stood beside and in-front of some great fighters.  Not only did I find friends among them but I found that they respected me and my work as well.  If you are looking for a challenge, something life changing…this is definitely a powerful experience.




Train with the Legends 2011

This is an annual visit for me now, one I encourage my students to join me for.  Four of the most recognized martial arts instructors in their fields.  This was forty hours of training I wont forget…I got notes on everything, been training it ever since.  Dan Inosanto, Jean Jaques Machado, Francis Fong and Sirichi Sirisute provide a martial experience to enhance your game in every area…I loved it.

To me it's a privilage to attend this school...I’m starting to feel a little more at home in the Academy, got there early each morning to warm up and stretch…the plane and the hard work made it necessary.  The environment at the IAMA is so very professional and warm and of course there is all the history, posters, certificates and momentos on the walls.  Here is a link to see a photo album of the event in 2010 I think i show up a few times….




Oregon Muay Thai Camp 2011


At the Legends seminar the last few years I have been drawn to Muay Thai by a very interesting thing, disapline.  Sirichai Sirisute is the head of the Thai Boxing Association, and is credited with bringing Muay Thai to the United States.  When he invited me to this camp, I jumped at the opportunity, four full days of training with some of the very best fight coaches in the US.  I asked if I could bring my taining partner with me, and with that we were getting ready and scrambling to find the funds to get there.

The training was amazing! Top notch.  I haven’t worked that hard…possibly ever.  It was full on fight training…running 20 miles in 4 days in addition to 40 + hours of training.  The list of instructors was extensive, and I found myself influenced by each of them…got some pics of some of them.






Next time i do this I must be a better camper…I assumed some things…like an Adarondac is a cabin…it isn’t.  Properly prepared this is an awesome camp.

Here’s a little blog spot on it.



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