Beat the Crap Out of Cancer 2013


On November 9th I joining my fellow Dog Brothers and FMA warriors in participating in the Toronto Beat the Crap out of Cancer event. This event will be held at Kombat Arts in Mississauga.

BTOOC is more than just an event where I go to spar with friends. It’s where the whole stick fighting community around the world comes together to do their thing for a worthy cause. I don’t know many people who have not had loved ones affected by cancer…I’ve lost more than a few friends and two family members so far, and that means one day it might be me facing that battle. I hope that if it comes to it, I face it with the dignity of those I’ve lost. I hope to demonstrate as much character in my day-to-day life as these heros have. This is what I think about when I ready myself for my fights. I might get bruised, or break my hand again…but next to the bigger battle it’s a small thing.

Please sponsor me as I take the fight to the mats at Beat the Crap Out of Cancer!

-Shawn Zirger

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