Toronto Silat Seminar

SILAT-18smallThis weekend I will be teaching a seminar based on my research and training of Silat. I will be teaching in co-ordination with my friend and training partner Mike Allen, and we will be representing to our attendees lessons that we have received from four world renowned teachers.

Professionally we hope to bring Silat to Toronto, to prime the martial arts community here to support seminars by the same teachers we have traveled to learn from.

SILAT-40smallPersonally, I hope to represent our teachers, arts accurately, and to demonstrate the great regard I have for them and their work. I hope as well to represent my friendship and partnership with Mike with all of the strength and value we have come to know in our work together.

I hope that the example gives rise to many training groups committed to combining their efforts to become great martial artists, and the best version of themselves they can imagine.

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