Thoughts on Managing Injuries



I am injured.

No, I don’t want your sympathy. I’d rather share something powerful with you.

This is a knee sprain, medial collateral ligament. Yes it’s a big deal; it will take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to resolve. I will need to spend the first 4 days resting it, icing, and maintaining the range of its pain free motion. Then I can start challenging the range slowly at first through the next week until the injury stabilizes. Then begins the strengthening phase…building the muscles around the injury so they can support the joint.

I overcame the first phase of this injury within the first 24 hrs. Doubt, worry and insecurity set aside by knowledge, discovered through orthopedic testing, and verification by an associate professional.

I reset my attitude, cajoled myself with understanding and promises about the care I would afford myself, about the training I can and will do that won’t effect the injury, about the way the goals will still be met. I know the pain will be with me well into the end of the year, but the set back will only last 8 weeks and of course, ‘pain is weakness, leaving the body.’

I am a massage therapist, specializing in orthopedic testing and sports injury rehabilitation. I am a professional martial artist, a teacher and a fighter. Injury is a part of any athletic endeavor, and so is healing. I know it, my students know it and there is no greater lesson than bouncing back stronger from an injury. If you train with me, you have experienced this; I am in your corner, coaching, even when it looks bad…even when you need time off the training floor, we are still training, still growing.

We’ve got this!


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