Knife Throwing 101 Workshop – July 2014

Saturday, 12 July 2014
6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Learn the basics of Knife Throwing beginning with safety precautions, target building, and weapon selection. This workshop will provide the student with the knowledge and guidance necessary to begin the safe practice of this fun and exciting aspect of martial arts.

Check out some fun we had with Dan Riskin on his show Riskin’s Business.
Discovery Channel – Riskin’s Business

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Additional Notes:

1. This is a dangerous activity…there is a very strong possibility of ‘bounce back’, which is where the knife hits the target in such a way as it comes flying back at you. No amount of instruction or precaution will reduce this risk…stay on your toes and be ready to move out of the way. You will be required to sign a waiver recognising the risk, and to clarify that you take full responsibility for your own health and safety in regards to this event.

2. It is important to understand that we take the safety of all participants very seriously. If at any time we decide that you are not handling your weapon with care, or are in danger of hurting yourself or others you will be asked to put the weapon down, and the remainder of your cut targets will be forfeited. There will be no refunds.

3. Definitely wear shoes and long pants to this event. Leather and other thick, or safety oriented materials used in the construction of your clothing will decrease the risk to your person. Consider construction grade clothing and foot wear. Sandals and shorts is definitely a bad idea.

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