Edged Weapons Trivia Week: Butterfly Swords


Chinese Butterfly Swords

Butterfly Swords - Courtesy of www.traditionalfilipinoweapons.com

Originating in southern China, Butterfly Swords are traditionally a shorter blade and wielded in pairs. They are most commonly identified with Wing Chun where these blades are meant to be used as an extension of empty handed combat. It is said that this weapon duo was originally created as a defensive, non-lethal option. The wider bladed models are especially suitable for chopping and slashing rather than stabbing. The hilt of the swords have a duo purpose of hooking the opponent’s weapon and as brass knuckles for a non-lethal defense strategy. These blades are especially useful in close combat situation (such as being over-run by a zombie horde) and are a must have for any weapons collection.

Weapon of choice for:
Shaolin Monks
Kano (Mortal Kombat)
Knives Chau (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) –  See her in action here

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