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Real Community, Real Confidence, Real Training… Martial Arts for Young Adults

Young people today have a lot to deal with. Sure they don’t walk 10 miles in the snow… uphill… in sandals like our grandparents like to tell us. But they do have to process immense amount of information and make decisions at a faster pace and at a younger age than many of us did. Empowering your nearly-adult child becomes that much more important.

Most sports and physically engaging activities are critical element in the development of a teenager, providing exercise, focus and a way to spend all that youthful energy. Studies have shown that young people enrolled in martial arts programs experience a decrease in aggressiveness and anxiety and an increase in self-esteem.

DSC04903There are three great reasons why you should choose Zirger Academy Martial Arts for your family
1. Physical fitness aside, our students learn respect, conflict avoidance and spatial awareness. These are life skills that they can carry with them into adulthood.

2. Our focus is on the individual. This is not a bunch of standardized moves and forms. Our instructors work with each student’s ability to develop their individual strengths and skills.

3. You don’t have to be a jock to do this. The great thing about martial arts is that anyone can do it. We have watched our students develop from timid and non-sporty kids to amazing confident young people who are constantly surprizing themselves and us with their new-found abilities.

Our Youth JKD group (ages 13-17) offers much of the same material as the Core Curriculum with additional focuses on conflict avoidance and self-defense. The solutions-based approach to teaching martial arts allows our students to develop their individual skills and confidence in their ability to make smart decisions.

Classes currently run from 4-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

– Confidence & Respect
– Focus & Self Discipline
– Self Defense & Conflict Resolution
– Nonviolent Communication
– Jeet Kune Do & Filipino Martial Arts,
– Silat, Muay Thai & Grappling

– Adaptable, solution based training
– Awareness and Conflict Avoidance
– Adapting the techniques to suit the individual
– Positive, balance lifestyle

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