Workshops & Seminars

We offer workshops and seminars on a variety of topics. Most of these are offered on a semi-regular basis and are also available to book for a group of people. Subscribe to our website or Facebook page to get updates and registration notices for these events.

Private group bookings can be arrange by contacting us here


This is a 3 hour workshop with a maximum attendence of 10 people. We will supply 4 mats per person as well as experienced guidance through your first cuts and developing (improving) you technique as you progress through your targets. We will give you instruction both while you are cutting, and before you begin. We will supply weapons but with appropriate inspection we can allow you to work with your own sharps.


This seminar is a two hour introduction to knife throwing. Through this program you will learn the safety habits and many techniques for developing your throwing skills. You will also learn about different types of throwing knives and targets, allowing you the baseline knowledge required to set up your own butts and practice area at home. Finally you will have supervised practice time, where you will be coached through the initial process and develop your basic technique. Additionally, throwing of other projectiles and throwing for combat applications will be discussed, making this program a strong starting point for those who want to take the skill to a practical level.