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Strength and Performance – Power of Will

This program is designed by Dan Wilkie, one of the Academy’s senior students and a Certified Personal Trainer. These sessions are designed with 3 or 4 sections that focus on isolated strength training, full body conditioning, cardio and mobility.

Dan is very creative in his program design, engaging participants in all sorts of exercise modalities to keep it fun and effective; we use kettle bells, free weights, ropes, silks, tires, and more.


Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
7-8am, 10-11am


207113_10152754483745551_1219984575_nFit Lab

This program was created out of a desire to explore different approaches to strength and fitness.

A serious student of a good, functional and reality based martial art knows that conditioning wins when skill is equal. Since we are always maintaining and improving on our conditioning we wanted to create something that kept us engaged in the process. And that is what we do! We work through anything that interests us…the more benefits we receive, the longer we stay with a program. Our group leaders are constantly studying new material and working with experienced trainers to ensure that we are maximizing both our gains and our safety.

Currently we are working our way through Mark Rippetoe’s ‘Starting Strength’, Basic Barbell Training, which interestingly is where this entire program started 6 years ago. Since that time we have worked through Circus Aerial Training, P90X, the 300 workout, Insanity, Rush-fit, American Kettlebell Club, lots of crossfit WOD’s and many, many others.

Come and workout with us if you like what you see on our Facebook page, Zirger Academy Fitness Goals and WOD’s.


Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday