Jeet Kune Do Program
mainslider_c Jeet Kune Do is the name Bruce Lee gave to the concepts and philosophy that distinguished his contribution to martial arts and the world. The words, ‘no way as way,’ and, ‘no limitation as limitation’, indicated an attitude toward learning that pushes through bias and promotes exploration across culture and method in search of the truth of what works.What is amazing about JKD is the way that it invites one to explore every aspect of their life through the study and training of something that is ultimately simple, practical and vital to survival. You learn about yourself as you overcome previous limitations.This is reality-based, combat tested martial arts at its best. An absolutely hard-core martial arts experience whether studied short term for self defense or long term for personal or professional development it is challenging and rewarding like nothing else.

The 4 corners of JKD Instruction

Self Defense
Combat Components
JKD Concepts

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