Zirger Academy of Martial Arts is dedicated to the teaching and documentation of the process of learning, training and applying martial arts of many origins. Established by Shawn Zirger for the pursuit of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Philosophy, the Academy has committed itself to facilitating and maintaining an environment where its students can develop their skills and challenge their limits.

Classes are small, and progress is rapid following a curriculum with a very clear and attainable method for developing your understanding and your skills.

The Zirger Academy of Martial Arts is a place where novices and experts alike can walk the path, sharing their journeys and strengthening a community that contributes to their own training. Our goal is to create an environment of personal ownership, respect and most importantly, the sheer joy of learning what is possible when you push your limits and surpass your own expectations.



Zirger Academy is located at Fighting Arts Collective. Our address is 927 Dupont St. about half a block west of Ossington 3 blocks north of the Ossington subway station. Be sure to look up to see our banner, directly below is the front entrance. [click here for map]

The training space is 5000sq feet. Most of the general training is done on the main floor, however all of the work outs and occasionally classes are done on the second floor. Our training equipment is extensive and includes heavy bags, water based bags, mooks, pads, boxing gloves, assorted weapons, shields and more.