Self Defense

This part of the program delivers a simple and practical message about how people get into violent and or intimidating situations, and how to get out of them should you ever be the focus of a violent offender, or simply caught unaware.

The focus is in conflict avoidance.  The idea is that everyone can have three concepts working for them all the time:  Awareness, which is the basis of all self-determination, allows for management of Time and Space, which in turn gives you the opportunity to Prepare, in this context, your defense.

Scenario after scenario the one consistent thread is that Awareness will provide you with everything you need to avoid a violent confrontation.  Should that fail however, the student learns to unleash a devastating series of attacks learned through focus pad drills and scenario training, with a focus on downing the assailant and allowing their own escape.

While this program is very often delivered in a four hour seminar format, it is a part of the day-to-day training of every JKD Concepts student.  The ideas are simple and integrate immediately with our natural self-preservation instincts, meaning that it stays with you and it works.

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