Jeet Kune Do Concepts

This is how you put it all together, all the components and all the philosophy blended in endless combination.  At this point curriculum becomes a guide as we look to generate experiences that allow us to discover what it is to fight.  What causes us to win and to lose, how we overcome, or how we get in the way of our own success.

Bruce Lee taught us to find value in all cultures, in all martial arts and to seek knowledge from all sources.  From a martial perspective, this is much like gathering intelligence.  Knowing how others train, what their tactics are.  From a philosophical and spiritual stance it has a profound impact on the openness of the JKD practioners mind and life experience.  What it means is, your martial arts training overflows into every aspect of your life.  You learn without bias, from everything that happens around you as fundamental concepts of life are experienced in the black and white realm of what works on the training floor.

The 4 corners of JKD Instruction:


Advancement in JKD