This is not a required portion of the course, though a serious student of a good, functional and reality based martial art knows that conditioning wins when skill is equal. To be in great condition, is of significant benefit to every aspect or your training and your life. Seeing people transform their lives through exercise is a valuable experience.

Our conditioning program, much like JKD Concepts uses all available information and various pieces of equipment, to assist our people to attain their peek performance and personal goals. We have fun; get stronger, faster and more enduring. We focus on capacity to perform in our lives and our arts. Aesthetic improvements are only a byproduct of our work. Health and happiness are the primary goals and we get consistent results.

Our conditioning groups rotate through tons of different types of training ranging from Kettle Bells and Olympic Bars to calisthenics and martial based exercise. We train as a group, inspiring and encouraging one another. There is an excitement with working out in a group, it keeps you coming out challenging yourself.

The 4 corners of JKD Instruction:


Advancement in JKD