Combat Components

This is the curriculum used at the ZAOJKD to teach the biomechanics, drills and techniques that have been compiled in my experience of martial arts over the past 30 years.  It is organized, accessible and testable.

Components include:

Structure – the martial arts that everyone knows about are comprised of forms and postures that exude power and capture the imaginations of people around the world.  These postures demonstrate geometry in body positions that generate maximal lines of force.  It is the use of these shapes and the movement of the body around them that allows for that effortlessness that is quintessential of the master martial artist.

Movement – Efficiency in all things is the path to effortlessness.  Learning efficient modes of movement is essential to being able to utilize structure; to this end one must study movement while standing and on the ground before they are to be able to engage their structures.

Drills – In Jeet Kune Do every part of the training moves towards the capacity to use the training in life or death reality.  The drills approximate reality in increments that allow for understanding of timing and placement of movement and structure.


The 4 corners of JKD Instruction:


Advancement in JKD