2012 Celebrations – 2013 Transformations


2012 was a landmark year for the Zirger Academy.  Firstly, great strides were made in refining the mission and purpose of the Academy.  It has been a long time that I have been evolving in my training but recently, it has been my perception of what I am doing, and whom I am doing it for that has become clear.  So in a lot of ways, this past year has been about coming into my own, doing the work that will benefit me personally and professionally, and coming to terms with the misconceptions that have bogged me down in the past.  I feel free of so many of my old pains, and disappointments, and I find that it is easy to get down to work and maintain a level of quality in my day to day experiences that translates to improved relations across the board.  The result; my school has a full time schedule, doubled attendance of classes, and our community is motivated and developing at a very satisfying rate.

Toronto Throwdown Group

Toronto Throwdown Group

Last year our academy had record attendance at several of the major seminars in Toronto, working with instructors like Dan Inosanto, Leo Gaje, Philip Gelinas, Eric Knaus, Arlan Sanford.  I traveled to see great instructors like; Mark Denny, Benjamin Ritner, and Garry Padilla, bringing their teaching back to our students here in Toronto.  We attended and fought at Dog Brother Gatherings, Beat the Crap Out of Cancer and the Toronto Throwdown’s.  And the past year also saw our academy’s induction to the Inosanto Academy as I began attending the instructor’s camp in California, which helps me to bring so much more of Guro Inosantos curriculum to the floor of our dojo here in Toronto.

This year is gearing up to be something very special… In February, our community at the Fighting Arts Collective celebrated 10 Years of living and growing under the same roof!  In March we introduced the first of our Pad Drills Certification course. We attended the Inosanto Seminar in Montreal and the Roger Ambrulos Seminar at FAC (more details on those awesome events will be posted soon).

Later this year I plan to begin production of my first video training series, and books.  Hopefully some of that will be available before the year is out.  Also, keep your eyes open for some new Zirger Academy Seminar Series as I put a lot of effort last year into reducing portions of my curriculum into one weekend, one day and half-day workshops.  Finally, I plan to have many guest instructors coming by this year to add their specialties to our training, in both our martial arts and fitness classes.

Here are some of the other Seminars and Events we’re hoping to participate in this year

  • Training at GAMMA with Philip Gelinas, for the Canadian Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack
  • DBMA Tribal Gathering
  • Inosanto Legends Seminar
  • Instructors Camp also at IAMA
  • Chai Sirisutes Thai Boxing Camp in Oregon
  • New York for the Suffian Bela Diri silat seminar

DBMA Toro Clan…. after class fun

I also hope to spend some time at JJ Machado’s BJJ School, and visiting with Roger Ambrulos of Astig Combatives while in LA. Finally I imagine that DBMA Toro Clan leaders, Rene Cocolo and Tyler Morin will also organize some great camps and seminars that our group will attend, as I am looking forward to training some more Krabi Kabrong and Pikiti Tersia.

You don’t have to be a member of my school to come attend these seminars with me…so if you are interested please keep an eye on our posts and join us!  If you can’t make it out on one of the trips…drop in for classes when I get back to the Academy and get filled in on the highlights with the rest of the Academy’s Core Group of students.

I am sure that there will be many other exciting adventures along the path, like; a Zirger Academy Camping, Climbing and Training weekend, many performances by the Academy’s Demo team and all the unexpected opportunities that open up along the way.  If things go really well maybe we will even get back to Switzerland for the DBMA Euro Gathering.  Can’t wait to share all of these experiences with you.


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